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Help to get "AVAILABLE NOW" badge

I want to enable “AVAILABLE NOW” new feature. But unfortunately, I’ve 14 active orders but inactive. Some of them are 1+ year older. The buyers are not available. I don’t see any option to remove or cancel.

To enable “AVAILABLE NOW” new feature must need less than 5 active orders. So how I can remove my inactive orders?Screenshot_3


At first complete your active order’s then you will be able to turn on “available now” button

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They are active but incomplte. Buyer needs to run the order.

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Following…exactly don’t know.

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There is only one issue -

Buyers don’t like to search by selecting too many thing. They do just search services by keyword and buy.

So Available now page should be by default page of fiverr home?

this is my opinion. :slight_smile:

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Yes that why Fiverr started this feature.

But I can’t enable this feature as I’ve 14 incomplete orders. Buyers sent the orders but never ran it. I “Nudged” many times but not responded. For that case I can’t enable this feature until complete or cancel incomplete orders.

If there’s no option to cancel, you can ask CS to cancel them for you.

agreed, if a buyer wants to purchase something he directly writes what he is looking for(I guess), I remember I got my very 1st order when I was sleeping at night and I saw it after 4-5 hours.