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Help to get some orders


Hi all,

I have started my fiverr journey about 8 months ago. Now I’m a Level 2 seller. but at this time I haven’t any orders. I don’t know why my gigs doesn’t sell. Please help to get some orders. Kindly I invite to Fiverr Super Sellers to help me. I need some advises from you. I put my gig link here. Please tell me how is my gig and please tell me is there any omissions in my gig.




Hey Deshan,

I think the simple fact that people/organisations can get this service free online now with sites such as Issuu may hinder any orders coming your way.

I don’t think it’s a gig people will be searching for.

All the best with it though.




I am also same to you but I can’t get any gig order ,do you advice me how to get order?


Thanks you


Reply to @artworkking: Which kind gigs people often search?


@artworkking: Which kind gigs people often search?


Reply to @deshan97: You should concern yourself more with the types of excellent services you can offer instead of what people are most searching for.

What are your skills? Offer Buyers something you are good at and you’ve got a greater chance at success.


Reply to @kissreviews: I’m good at graphic designing. Also I created a gig but It doesn’t sell




These are my gigs. but They didn’t sell well. Why? I there any errors?

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