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Help to improve gig


Hi I am on fiverr since jun 2017 but 2 order completed yet. I am copying link. Anyone tell me what I have to improve. You can openly criticize my gig :wink:

here is my gig

thanks in advance

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Hi @zonnorainn

First thing, DON’T offer unlimited revisions, DON’T guarantee money back and only use your OWN pictures.

On your “Edit Image And Write Poetry” gig, you offer to write poetry or quote on an image but everything you’re showing is somebody’s else written pictures. That is considered plagiarism so avoid doing it or you could get into trouble. Likewise, improve your grammar and writing skills to describe your gig if you’re really going to offer to write for your potential buyers.


great love for you. I will improve. one thing I want to ask why we should not offer unlimited revisions? In some sense it is hesitated for sellers but good for buyers. am I right?


Nice to know you’re willing to take advice! :wink:

Offering unlimited revisions will take you into a deep well with buyers as they’ll be entiltled to whatever ammount of revision they want and you will have to honour your word of giving them such prerogative.

In one word: Unlimited Revisions = Headache


Consider creating a portfolio using Flickr. You can then link to this in your Gig description.

I think people will be more willing to buy from you if you’ve proven your ability.


yes I respect advice and adviser. I am removing all my mistake that you find out. thanks


you are absolutely right


Nice tip thank you. I will create


sorry for disturbance. I a facing this problem.


That link has an @ in it which is what I would guess is auto-triggering… Is there any other link you could use? I’m not familiar with flickr…


You learn something new. that’s nice
yes fiverr allow flicker link. but I don’t know how to use. I am using first time.


I have done.


@zonnorainn, you don’t need to be awake all night long! In Pakistan is about 4 am. You need to sleep or you’ll get sick and nobody can work being sick.

Try to reword this phrase “For guaranteed work You are on the right path. I hope I will meet your expectations level.” and don’t put “I hope”. Buyers don’t want someone “hoping” to do a good job, but to do it. Also remove from your gig description: “And so on” and “Give regular offers to clients”.

Premium: “Edit background of unlimited images 2- delivery time:astonished: :flushed: :scream:

This is a no-no-no-no-no-no!!! And also change the delivery time, the more images you offer, the longer you will need to work on them. You already set 2-day delivery time for your standard package.

The same goes with this gig. Remove from your gig description “Give regular offers to clients” and change Premium: “unlimited images 2- delivery time

Infamous “unlimited revisions”. Get rid of that ASAP!!!

Remove the word “assignments” and “Use Colors according to color psychology. (Depend on taecher’s age)”. It is against Fiverr’s TOS to do homework. Also remove “Give regular offers to clients”.

Maybe someone else can tell you more.

You should also carefully read Fiverr’s TOS to avoid getting into trouble, here’s the link


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hahahaha how smart you are?

I will follow all your advice


Choose words which is very attractive Make gig image stunning as much as you can share your gig on social media


thanx for reply. I already do all improvements but no result I think there were mistakes in description as @maitasun guide me. because my impression click views are regularly increasing but receive no order.

Further you guide me


Some of it’s just up to luck, with the right buyer seeing you at the right time. Selling is the hardest part of any business.


yes that’s point. it’s just up to luck


All the best, luck matters a lot along with your hard work in any business…