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Wait a second. Why you have only 9 reviews than? I think, every buyer will hire a seller who offers unlimited revision, and if you offer money back, they will feel more relaxed and trusted.


Are you complaining at me for having 9 reviews? Is there any problem with it? :flushed: :smirk:

So sorry to disappoint you… I’m just a humble translator and proofreader not a logo designer or website developer or… :roll_eyes:

You’re free to do as you wish, you’re the owner of your decisions. No one is forcing you to do otherwise.

Anyway, this thread is not about me but about improving @zonnorainn gigs.


If you offer “money back guarantee” it will likely lead to more people asking for their money back which will lead to cancellations which will make it much harder to get to the higher levels.


Fiverr doesn’t offer a money back guarantee - if you offer this then you’re actually breaking Fiverr’s own ToS, which says that an order can’t be cancelled (and therefore refunded) if it isn’t to the buyer’s taste. If you don’t make money, neither does Fiverr etc.

It could also be interpreted as trying to manipulate feedback - cancel and refund to avoid a negative feedback.


He doesn’t guarantee money back in any of his gigs and also he doesn’t give unlimited revisions in his web design/creation gigs, just on logo, sticker & business car design gigs. :roll_eyes:

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Besides what others have already mentioned, offering unlimited revisions/money back guarantees (which you can’t do) is an excellent way to show your customer that you lack confidence in your own work and that your customer would probably not be satisfied with the quality of your work on the initial delivery. It makes it seem like you offer these “perks” to your customers in order to overcome/counteract these shortcomings of yours.


I was commenting on the suggestion that it was a good idea to add it (which it isn’t).
skawzy (who suggested it) guarantees it in 2 of his.


I agree, showing “unlimited revisions” could look like you don’t have confidence in your work (maybe it’s gig dependent) though there are some top rated sellers who have it in their gigs so maybe it could be beneficial in some cases.


Yes, you’re right. It took me time to see it :flushed: It’s almost hidden from view :wink:

Anyway, it’s going to be HIS headache, not ours.


I think it’s NEVER a good idea to give unlimited revisions in these hot categories, no matter what. TRS have enough reviews and charge enough to take eventual hits.

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Like I said, it would depend on the type of gig. Some of the top “top rated sellers” in the “edit product images” type gigs have it but I think usually only on their higher priced packages (eg. premium package). So it could possibly be useful there on the premium package that was set at a high enough price (they won’t get increased cancellations because of it) depending on the type of gig. Or just a high enough number of revisions could be put on the premium package (to save the buyer potentially trying to use much too many revisions).

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I did not mean to offend you, I just ask. Relax. I accept your and @merciavideo advice.


Be careful how you ask, not everyone is like me.

I accept your apology although I don’t need to “relax” as I don’t get offended easily. Offence is not caused by those who want to, but by those who can.

I only replied to what it seemed to be a question reproaching/criticizing my adorable 9 5* reviews, so I just wanted to let you know that the world is not composed only of graphic designers, developers, programmers, etc. but also by people like me.

Likewise, I just wanted to make you understand that advice is free and not mandatory so, nobody is forced to follow it.

My answer was sarcastic? Yes, and I apologize to you.

Nice you do. As I said above, the only one who was going to suffer from giving unlimited revisions and guaranteeing money back, was going to be you.


I was among the people who flagged it. I hadn’t seen that OP had requested it and may have jumped to conclusions too quickly, so sorry.

However, when all you posted was a link to your profile, please understand my error in thinking you were just yet another spammer.

You’re a great addition to the community, please don’t let this incident scare you away from contributing. You were being helpful and other users were being helpful as well.

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Thanks, I did not know this.

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I just replace that with more attractive image. thank you for deep review


Yes that’s better.

According to sites it seems he said “Life is the flower for which love is the honey” (the current image doesn’t have the word “the”).

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yeah done now I have include “the”


thank you, I appreciate that.

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