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Help to improve my gig! should I deleted my profile and make a new one?

Hello, I just recently made my first gig, it’s about making emotes for Twitch, Dischord and the like, but I haven’t gotten a single order, my profile was created back 2017 but I never actually used it, so it was inactive till I decided to make a gig, I actually have been doing “ghost work” for other people through fiverr, but I need to get my thing going, I’m wondering if the fact that the profile is old and has no order is making it look back to customer, should I delete it and make a new one? How can I improve it to start getting orders?

This is the link to my profile, feel free to check it out and tell what you think I could do to improve and make things go, I’d appreciate any help I can get, thanks beforehand to everyone, I look forward to your answers.


No, don’t delete. use what you have as messing with accounts just looks dodgy.

Customers really only look at your Gig with a yes/no mindset.


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@gregcw looking cool to me. But I don’t know anything about emmote

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