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Help to improve my topic to get my first order

Hello guys i have many experiences but nobody give order :frowning: what do you think help me !


It can take a while to receive the first order. So just be patient and take the time to optimize your profile and gig description. :grinning:

Have you listened to this episode?

A learned a lot from this episode.

The most important thing is the spelling and punctuation I would say. As English is not my mother tongue I use the app Grammarly that helps me with the writing. It’s very helpful and even for free. :+1:
It’s important to have a professionally written profile and gig description to engage potential buyers.

Hope this was helpful!

Good luck,

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People don’t “give you orders”, you earn them by offering a skilled service that people need. If people aren’t hiring you, then perhaps you are not offering a service that they need – or, even more likely, you aren’t reaching out to the people who need that service.

The very first thing I’ll suggest you do is change your profile and gig descriptions.
Grammar error is just part of the mistake, the contents don’t sound all too professional either.
Also, your gig is about marketing and you are not able to market your own gigs, that makes me doubt your skills I’m afraid.

For now though, I think you should have your description edited.

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your first line in your gig description is: “I will be your youtube promotion expert”. I suggest you make that your gig tittle and take keywords from your current title and use them as tags.
Hope that helps!

very good suggestion