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Hi everyone what are best emerging languages or gigs i should learn which are going to boost my freelancer career in futre


The best services to offer, are the services YOU are good at completing.


Translated to languages :wink: this means, you should offer to translate into your native/first language. That’s kind of “industry standard” too, any buyer who’s aware of that or has some common sense, will always prefer a native speaker, so it doesn’t make sense to offer, for example, Chinese to Spanish translation, just because it’s the “best emerging” language pair, if you’re not a native speaker of either Chinese nor Spanish, ideally Spanish. If you want to get into translation, offer the language you’re really great at, your language, coupled with the language that’s your best language apart from that one.
And keep in mind that simply being a native speaker of any language doesn’t mean one automatically is a good translator as well, there’s much more to that.

If you’re up to studying a new to you language and want to choose it based on rentabilty vs passion, do some research to find out the demand for translations from language x to your native language, and then study language x. You need to be able to understand and speak, respectively write, another language very well, however, to get to a level where you should offer translation service for that language, that will take years.

Oh, and welcome to the forum, I had missed this being in the new user intro category at first. Good luck on your journey.


Perhaps OP is asking about programming languages?

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Totally true ! <3 <3 <#

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That’s possible, I hope the :wink: covers that. Else, it can be an example for people checking the thread and thinking about offering languages (not programming languages), “help to learn new things” is general enough for that. It’s just an illustration of Jon’s point anyway. I’ll leave my post either way so your post won’t lose context.