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HELP! Tried to verify my ID and my Fiverr account is disabled!

Unfortunately, I did not read many of these posts before attempting to validating my ID. I didn’t have to do it today but thought it would only take a second.
Tried a few times, thinking I would get the hang of it, and now my account is disabled. I have many potential buyers I was in negotiations with and was setting up recurring sales with some.
Now I cannot contact any of them, except those with whom I have an active offer.
I’m afraid this will hurt the momentum I build as a new seller. How long does Fiverr take to reactivate accounts for this type of reason? Is there compensation for the losses?
Any advice would help!


This is one seller’s experience. Maybe the thread will have an answer for you.

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Thanks! Appreciate the tip!
It seemed like all the buttons were working, but could be worth a try?

Contact support. And talk them, you are try multi time verify your account. And you are fail. And told them, you need to verify your account. Then they are give you other option to verify your account.

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Thanks for the support @web_developmen! Appreciate it!

I SUCCESSFULLY verified my account!

So I’m not certain what exactly did the trick. I first started by taking a deep breath, since I was panicking at the possibility my account would never be restored… I was at my third attempt at this ID verification thing and in regular contact with Customer Support (they thankfully allowed me another shot!!:smiley:)
Lucky for me, many other sellers posted about their experience around ID verification.

First, I started by making sure I was providing ID with the exact same name I provided when I created the account. For some, this may be an important detail. In some cultures (like in my own), you may have many names on your formal/government ID, but when providing your name to an organization you drop a few for convenience’s sake.

Point being, make sure your name in Fiverr and name on ID match.

Then, I made sure to apply some tips outlined in the post below (especially the bits about lighting and clear pictures) I ended up waiting till the right time of the day to get the most/best natural light, in addition to turning on all the lights.

Finally, I made sure to reopen the browser as mentioned in the post @vickiespencer (thank you so much for sharing!! :blush:) just in case this was a bug thing. I wasn’t taking any chances… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All in all, now back in business! I hope sharing my experience may help others. Thanks to all who shared tips and offered support!!:blush:


Yipee! I am happy for you!


I know this a late reply, but I need some help. Despite taking seemingly perfect pictures of my ID, I used up all 3 (no idea there was a limit) tries and now my account is locked! I have contacted customer service, no reply yet, and I am very stressed out. I would really appreciate some help.