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Help trying to deliver order but keeps bouncing to messages

I keep delivering the order but when i select deliver it just goes to messages and wont deliver to my customer, any help greatly appriciated


You aren’t alone.

In fact, Fiverr’s staff have even created a banner that’s visible on the forum’s homepage so that users have quicker access to information (about this ongoing issue).

They also probably did that in hopes that forum users would just read the banner rather than spend their precious time creating new forum posts about the issue. :slight_smile:

Have a look at this:

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Hi there @xoxemma89xox. You’re not the first having this problem. There are numerous sellers dealing with this same issue. Of what I read in previous comments is that CS is working on resolving this problem.

Good luck!!!

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no time to read banners :slight_smile: thanks . amillion

thanks a million <3 :slight_smile:

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You welcome!! :smiley: