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Help - unnecessary modification request

Hi all,

I’ve got my second order through Buyers Requests.

The request was very vague - choose my own topic, own writing style and narrative, as long as it was SEO optimized.

I feel the content provided was what was asked, it ticks all the boxes and they’re asking for a full modification not long before the deadline (also must note the order was delivered 9 hours before the deadline).

Is there a way to protect sellers? I’m frightened of getting a negative review on my second gig when there’s nothing I can do as the order - following the brief - is completely fulfilled.

Huge thanks for any help!

It’s a tricky one. Unless the buyer is abusing you, he or she will be able to leave a review. That may or may not be negative.

Why is the buyer so unhappy? Full modification is a pretty big revision request.

To be honest - their response is pretty incoherent and vague.

“The document came through, but personally I find the article is not cohesive and potent… I must say I like the concept but I know you can do a much better job. So please impress me with the review of your original submittal.”

Original request stated:

“I am not going to give you any topic, the only requirement is it must be an original piece on the [xxxxxxxxxx] niche any topic of your choice. The freedom of expression and creativity belongs to the writer.”

See what I mean about vague?

Also - thank you so much for replying - I got myself into a bit of a panic!

Do you want to PM me a copy? I’ll take a look and see if the buyer’s complaints are valid. I’ve completed over 400 writing jobs on Fiverr. I’ve sort of learned how to spot those playing fast and loose.

P.s. For how much was the order?

$10. I’ll PM you - thank you so much!

Sometimes it feels like the buyer doesn’t know what they want. So they leave it open. And next thing you know… well… revisions. Its alot easier to say “no I don’t like that, but I don’t know why… I just don’t” than to say the good things. Its kind of a shrug of responsibility on their behalf. Kind of.

My personal experience is that some personalities do that. And its not a fault necessarily.

But it really helps to know how to deal with the situation. Or that personality type. A bit of my own personal experience (10+ years) later: I’ve learned to ask specifics, and pry a bit for the ‘aloft buyer’ as I have come to call them.

And yea for my own emotions, its heart-breaking at times. But… after I realized I don’t have to carry an emotional burdern b/c of those revisions, it is just a project. At the end of the day, its not my project either. Sure to me I poured effort into this, and was involved in the shape. From our/creator perspective: “Look at this art I brought into the world”. Them: “that baby’s arms are kinda short compared to a regular full grown human”.

And if you are sincere in your work, and full-fill your information-check-boxes that’s really all you can do. Just be sure to ask questions. And be direct. Lofty buyers communicate best that way. This is really a people thing.

That being said, for this individual gig-buy, from what it sounds like, you are in the right.

But that being said, I hope you still enjoy what you do, writing etc, and realize someone just gave you money to do something you enjoy. Which is cool. Even if they can’t/don’t/aren’t nicely capabile of getting the ideas they had in their head down on paper/nor could they do it themselves.

Bottom line: try not to be too emotionally invested, as the project is a project.


Also, to help protect your rating I would recommend looking at buyer ratings if you can. Click their profiles they get one too just like sellers.

I’ve turned down $ because of nightmare buyers.

Is this system perfect? No. (Ratings flux/new buyers etc) But man it feels great to turn someone down. You know what I mean? “Your money is no good here, good day.”

Then there is another thing I do, if they approach me again. Then that’s when I know they want my work. Oh that’s a good feels. But since they have a poor rating I charge what I call the ‘a-hole’ tax. Sometimes my normal price doubles. And then the world is right as rain either way I win: emotionally OR economically.

Best of luck, just keep going to batt.
-Radio Jay

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Thank you so much for replying - you’ve made me feel so much better. I think from further conversation that he’s a bit of a chancer so it’s time to walk away to prevent a bad review.

Also, I’m gonna keep that A-Hole tax tip for a later date :wink:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hmm, Fiverr is saying that if I request the buyer to cancel, it’s going to have a negative impact on my profile?

It will, technically. If you go to your Analytics page, you can see the criteria you need to meet to keep your level/get promoted. One of the criteria is to complete 90% of orders every 60 days.

Because you’re brand new, the cancellation probably won’t affect you much, if at all.

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Ain’t that the truth. Then there are those who don’t know what they want until they see it.

It’s like, “alright then, Sheila, I’ll just create a million examples for you to look through. Don’t worry about my schedule. I just won’t eat this week.”

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I think you fulfilled your job order so that should be the end of it, unless you offer revisions. I would tell him that.

Eurgh, he’s refused to accept cancelled order.

It’s a never-ending saga!

do the modifications they asked for if they are still not satisfied they you must refund their money if you’re afraid of negative review at start because a negative review at start is bad i’ve cancelled couple of orders first i build my reputation on fiverr as trusted seller then after becoming level 2 seller i dont get such clients but if some clients do such thing you should able to take negative review you’ll also have option to give them review of what they did after you’ve 20+ reviews

That being all said, can we request that the ‘revision’ button isn’t the largest & boldest button the buyers see once a order is delivered?