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Help upload images for a gig

Hello please can someone help me the support link on The website doesn’t work so you can’t even get any help from them.

I need to send some images to the seller. When I click attachment I only get the option of images I’ve previously used not new ones from my phone. I’ve tried everything and can’t get me phone library image up just old ones I’ve used.

Any help even from fiverr would be very helpful thank you

When I click open media image it bring up 10 of ones I’ve used for different project not my phone images that I need

The support from fiverr needs to be better and have a instant chat for support

You can click open media library (which will open your photos) or you can open your files (PDFs or documents that you saved to files) or your camera (you can use the camera to take pics)! I hope that helps!

It might work better if you do it on a laptop browser!