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One of the most common scams on Fiverr, and one that I am in the mist of it again, is sellers who are just not qualified to do the work, but accept it and hope to get away with delivering an inferior product. They use all excuses and if the buyer still refuses to accept their bait-and-switch work, offer to cancel the gig, ensuring no negative feedback can be left to warn others of the issues. Even if a few refunds have to be made, this allows their scam to go on forever.

Solution? Either allow feedback for cancelled work, or at least show a seller’s number of cancellations too. If a seller gets even one of those a week, this will quickly add to a significant number, alerting others that something may be wrong.

As it is, no option exists to help us avoid this scam.


Nope, sorry both are bad ideas that would only make life harder for honest sellers. You are making a huge assumption that a seller that delivers inferior work will just give a few refunds and continue getting away with his poor work na dmake a profit. I disagree. I believe a seller will wind up giving more refunds than he makes money and will eventually leave Fiverr. Its a matter of when something becomes too much trouble, you just stop doing it. If they make no money or very little money, they have no reason to stick around. Imagine if you were only making $5 per month, or $5 every two months, you would stop coming back. It just wouldn’t be worth it. This is a minor problem that I believe is self solving and does not need a heavy handed intervention by the staff.


I have a lot of cancellations due to buyers not understanding my gigs; no fault of my own. I certainly do not want those cancellations to negatively affect me more that they already do!


When you get a Full refund, its not a scam!


i have had some people order the wrong gig so we cancelled and they re-ordered the right one so i should not get a bad mark against my ratings for a simple mistake. there really should not have been much confusion either when one gig was indexing a you tube video and the other was ordering the complete squidoo marketing guide? do they sound alike? no, then it is more like someone has accidentally caught the wrong button and not noticed, easily done but no harm done just a simple cancelled order and re-order. may be if the buyer and seller both wrote on the feedback a mistake was made then genuine feedback should be allowed?


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