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Help wanted! how make more sales?

Dear fiverr community please help me to make more sales in fiverr. Please help me!

No. You can do that yourself. Take responsibility for your own success. Learn how Fiverr works, and apply that knowledge to your own gigs. Treat your gigs as a business. Build your own success. We’re not going to do it for you.

Here is a Tip on what NOT to do: Don’t post spam on the forum. For example, posting some random thought on Tips for Buyers is useless and will be removed. I agree with @jonbaas on his suggestions as well.

Do the following

  1. Use buyer request section. Send ten offers daily
  2. Use fiverr forum on my fiverr gigs section to post your gigs
  3. Make sure that your gigs have videos
  4. Make sure that your gig description is clear
  5. Use social media to market your gigs
    Apply these tips

Thar is very good advice for those who are new to Fiverr.

Excuse the typos!

Sure @writer99025 you are always welcome

Sorry i do not know that, i will keep it in mind please

Sir, i m new in fiverr and learning day by day, sorry for my post.

Thanks a lots but I will try my best to find out my success in fiverrr.