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Help Wanted!

Can somebody tell me what’s the best movie to go to and if there are any quality movies running this week? Thing is, I haven’t seen a movie in years, haven’t had a break in 2 years and this week I am on vacation mode on Fiverr, so I thought why not go out and watch a movie :slight_smile: Who are the big stars these days? I really have no idea. I would love to watch Star Wars - Force Awakens and The Big Short based on a book by one of my favorite writers Michael Lewis, but I guess they are not in the theaters anymore.

If I was picking a movie this week I would either go see How to Be Single or maybe Tripe 9. The first one might be considered a chick flick by some people so I don’t have any idea if you would like it anyway. The other one is a kind of action thriller sort of thing and looks fun to me! Now, Star Wars: Force Awakens is still in theaters in my region but maybe it isn’t everywhere.

Whatever the case, have fun on your vacation!

Oh, no chick flicks for me…will try Triple 9. Just Google searched it, never heard of the actors, guess I’ve been out of action for too long.

Did my research, will go to a movie called “Spotlight” which is in the theaters here in Bangalore…looks like a smart film, about investigative journalism.

That sounds interesting! I might have to check that out. When I’m in the mood for a more cerebral film it’s good to have an idea! Maybe you can update the thread after you see it. Have you seen The Martian? The book and the movie are great and the author really did his research so the science is well done. Here it’s not in theaters anymore but it’s streaming on Amazon.

That was an excellent movie. It kept my attention. I go to RottenTomatos website to see movie reviews and trailers to choose movies.

Yeah, Martian is on here in Bangalore, but in a 9:30 pm show, which I don’t want to go to because I will be the only single guy in the hall at this time…would be embarrassing.

Oh who cares? Don’t ever be self conscious about that. You will miss out on too much if you do this. Have confidence.
Never care what others think. It’s your life, no one else’s so don’t feel embarrassed about that. I hope you can get over this and see that movie. It’s great.

Deadpool is a great time.

Off to the movies! Bye Bye!