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[HELP] We are having a problem processing this order!


Hi all,

this is my first time to buy a gig on fiverr ,but when i place an order i see this massage "We are having a problem processing this order"

i don’t knew the problem , my paypal account is fully verified and my visa is charged with money, but payment statue is denied .



Did you verify your Fiverr account already??? Maybe contact customer support to see where the problem is.


thanks annai80for replaying ,my account is verified

and i sent a massage to Customer Support .


It might be just a technical error on their part, I am sure you will get it resolved-good luck :wink:


What country are you in? I think when sellers get paid there are differences in which forms can be used in which countries, but I wonder if it applies to buying gigs as well. I would just wait it out from Customer Support.


The fiverr page was down for a bit, that might have been the problem.


im getting the same error


im not able to place the order, the order dies at the point of processing
what could be the issue


Hi there,

i’ve tried paying for a gig this afternoon - entered all the information correctly but constantly get this image - despite everything being alright as soon as I tried to submit the payment.

Any help?


VerifiedByVisa is a GIANT pain in the ass for anyone who has ever had to deal with them. Contacting Customer Support is useless; I did 3-4 days ago and have yet to receive any answer. I spend thousands each month online and only once in my life encountered VBV. How can anyone remember a password from 4-5 years in the past? If you guess wrong you are welcomed into the BLOCK world. VBV SUCKS


Same problem


have you resolved the problem? im getting this issue


I have the same problem. Any help?


Yes me too. This is an old thread but it took hours for a buyer to be able to start his order last night.


Same here :frowning: been trying since yesterday


Same issue today


Same issue today.


Has anyone heard back from Fiver with a resolution?


I have the same issue. I tried it multiple times, and the problem is not on my side, my visa card is valid, I talked to the bank, they didn’t have difficulties with the transfer, the transaction happened, than it was removed in seconds because of Fiverr. I knew it from the bank’s text messages. Can somebody help?


I had the same error :((