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Help! What do I do?

One of my clients placed an order and didn’t send any requirements!
It has been over one month and he won’t send in the information.
He just messaged me that he wants to cancel the order because he is having some problems.
I said okay sure I will cancel it so I contracted CS if they can cancel it?
will it affect my analytics since I’m a new buyer?


Cancellations completed by Customer Support should not impact your stats. No guarantees, but the last few that CS did for us, did not impact our stats.

Good luck!

Alright i have contacted them,
do you know in how many days or time do they cancel the order?

I have no idea I’m afraid…

Correction… you meant to say here New Seller :thinking:

Sorry, im just really confused with eveything about fiverr atm

Whatever action the management takes… They send message to inform. I hope you gonna receive it some time

Don’t get panicked, just relax and concentrate on your marketing and other needs this was one order, you don’t need to spoil your work here due to this one. Just wait for the time what it brings to you. It happens in the public services. relax. :innocent:

Alright thanks…
The client is asking for his money back and everything so I hope they provide his money back to him soon.

Oh okay thanks alot :smiley:

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what I know is cancellation would effect your Order Completion rate. whether its done mutually or by CS.
would you let us know if CS cancels your order and your Order completion rate does not drop ?

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This is NOT TRUE.

If cancellation is done by CS it has no effect on your account if your remark was legitimate.

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May be not true…
but this is what I learned from CS it self…

I had order cancelation this week and my profile is 100% on all aspects.

To put it simply:
a) if you need your order canceled and you are right, CS will cancel order and your profile wont be affected
b) if you need your order canceled and you are wrong CS will cancel order and your profile will be affected.

Simple and logical.


Thats good to know…I had a conversation with CS almost 2 years ago and what they told me is
“Please note that all cancellation affect completion rates and we cannot change that”…
thats what I believed till now…but yes ! thanks for sharing your experience.

Regarding the cancellation performed by CS vs. by yourself/mutual: in March I encountered an abusive buyer who broke the TOS and asked for a cancellation despite me having delivered everything according to the gig’s description and their requirements, as well as a revision with completely new work, so I basically did a double amount of work for nothing in the end (sorry for the offtopic rant :grin:).

When I asked CS to cancel it, having previously read on the forum that when they do it it wouldn’t affect your statistics, I received this answer.

And indeed, it did affect my statistics (fortunately, not too much, as it was my only cancellation).

@realdazz, what I wanna say is that - when you ponder whether to cancel this order or not - you should take into consideration your overall completion rate (in case you’ve also cancelled other orders within the last 60 days), as this may add to that percentage and affect your ratings/endanger your seller level, even if it’s done by CS.

I don’t know for sure if this is good advice or not, but, here’s another possible solution: if the buyer is firm with the fact that they want a cancellation and you decide to do it, you could also kindly ask them to wait for a few days, or whatever it takes for your completion rate to go back to a percentage that would allow you to safely cancel 1 order without going below 90%. But assure them you will do it after that period of time.

The decision of canceling or not depends on the total number of reviews you have. If you have enough 5 star reviews, one potential bad review (in case you do not cancel and the buyer completes the order in the end) shouldn’t affect you too much. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough reviews yet, cancellation might be the most appropriate solution for you at the moment. Just keep in mind that after gaining sufficient good reviews, it’s preferable to risk one bad review and still get paid for your work than to cancel and let potential scammers get away with it for free.

Later edit: I see that you already reached out to CS, so you probably already asked them to cancel it for you. However, maybe what I wrote above will help other new sellers who are not sure whether to cancel an order or not :slight_smile:

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May be this depends on who handles your Ticket…I had same experience as you have…they clearly said they cant handle Order completion rate manually.

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Total breach of ToS and no unhappy buyer would agree to it, anyway.

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I re-read the ToS and don’t see what that suggestion would violate, as this is not even an active order, since the buyer failed to submit their requirements. Negotiation between the buyer and the seller/settling conflicts amongst themselves and mutual agreements are encouraged within the ToS, as long as that doesn’t imply interacting outside of Fiverr, harassment, blackmail etc.

However, I still may be wrong, this is why I’m genuinely curious why that would be a breach of the ToS. If someone is violating the ToS in this case, I would say it’s the buyer who wants a cancellation without a valid reason, after they didn’t even provide the requirements for a whole month.

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You can’t tell a buyer that an action taken would affect your account ratings. You can’t suggest to them that they cancel at a certain time or way. It’s coercive.