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Help, What I should do? And what happened?


Hey Everyone,
I’m a level 2 seller.
5.0 Stars (90 Reviews).
In 4 months I made $1,724.
I completed 155 orders and canceled 5 orders.
One week ago I stopped to get any new orders.
Anyhow, I’m so thankful for Fiverr, this money really helped me to save my family.
What I’m asking now, how to continue receiving orders daily, how to be a top rated seller.
How to be a community leader?
I’m not English native speaker, and I haven’t marketing experience to promote my gigs.
I need HELP, please, I can’t imagine that I will not continue working on Fiverr, this money is a very important to me and my family.
Any help or advice will be appreciated.
Rafeek Wassef



If that’s so important for you and your family’s existence, then I would advise you to move your behind and start learning.
Nobody will do the work for you, so stop the drama and be a man of action.

As per this question:

Sorry dude, that place is already taken :smirk:


Very well said!


I know duh…
My posts are not simply posts

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LOL. They are good dogmas at least. This forum needs more posters like you.


Thanks so much for responding.
I’m not making drama, I just honest.
Can anybody explain please, which mistake I have made to stop to get orders?
In this few days, I start to learn more and move my behind as you said.
From reading articles, looking videos, updating my gigs, add new gigs, updating my gigs tags, send offers for buyer requests and more.
If you have some certain devices, it will be appreciated.

Thanks again,
Rafeek Wassef


Sorry Advices ???


You just delivered an order 7 hours ago.


Yes, but this is for previous customer, she know my work already and she ordered many times before, but still have problem about receiving orders, also I see my gig in second for third page, when I’m searching with (graphic design), before was always in first page.

Thanks so much


you can try changing your gig descriptions a little. That may help.


I already changed.
And tags also


You could read some of the many useful posts on the forum about how to promote your gigs - search for UPYOUR and you’ll get loads of useful tips.



I’m trying to learn fiverr’s language



(20 characterzzzzzzzzz)


Same happened to me before couple of months and everything is almost fine now!
try changing gig tags and description ! involve more words related to your gig in your description and tags!
promote to social media can help as well!


Thanks so much for your message