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Help what if you don't have a degree or certificate

I need help for putting up a gig but don’t have a degree or certificate
I self learnt my skill but don’t know what to put in the professional info


Many sellers have this issue. You must have to analyze other professional or most rated sellers’ profiles. Their writing style highlighted skills and - other specs or ‘why to choose us?’
Even I haven’t any skills badge of Fiverr, till I am getting 10 sales per week and good impressions. (*image as proof)

but what do you write in the professional info part?

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I have written it by analyzing other rated freelancers. I am also new(since November 2019) and I have analyzed the gigs of other freelancers. I have updated it more than 5 times.

I don’t understand what do you mean by analyzing other freelancer
do you mean copy them like what university they came from what degree and etc?

(ps) sorry I don’t understand this is my first ever gig and just stuck on that part sorry

Brother, I am only 18 years old and don’t have a degree. I have the best portfolio of my work. In freelancing, the degree isn’t much necessary but a good portfolio or better work is more needed. I haven’t a degree but have good writing skills and I highlighted them in my professional description. That’s it

oh ok thanks

btw I’m younger than you
(not to be offensive)

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That’s good to be a freelancer in young age. It not seems offencive. If you have learnt good skills and don’t have a certificate. You can make stuff or portfolio of your sample work. It values more than the other certificated.

Your gig description doesn’t match your packages.

Like you skipped the ‘education’ section of creating a profile, you could have skipped the ‘certification’ part as well.

You say ‘we’ in the gig, but here in the forums, you’re saying ‘I’. Are you a part of a team? Is everyone in your team as young as you? Does anyone else have a certification that could be applied?

sorry for my grammar but yes we work in a 2 and yes we are the same age

and I will try change the desc to try match the gig.
but may I ask what doesn’t match
thank you for your time

You may ask, but I’m disinclined to answer. Consider: If you don’t know what you’re offering in your gig, how is a buyer suppose to figure it out? I’ll give you a hint though: you should use your description to describe the packages individually.

That said, does your teammate have comparable English skills? If they do, you could ask what they think about the context of the gig and profile.

oh ok thank you very much