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Help: What I'm doing wrong?

Hi guys,

I recently started using fiverr, created gig, my category is programming with worpdress.

No matter what price or description - im still not getting any orders.

Im doing 10 buyer requests per day, my usual text is:

“Nice to meet you, I work with either: complex and simple frontend development jobs which is based on the latest technologies. I do Wordpress, simple Website, theme install & customize and more. I save time, money and frustration, and helping you to achieve your goals! I’m reachable 16 hours per day so contact me for more details!”

You can also preview my gig here:

Any tip will be honored!

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If that’s the text you post to most requests, you could create a customised offer for each request you send an offer to. Make the offer specific to what is being asked in the request.


don’t send same request to every client try some new things

I use both: customized offer and this text but i customize it based on customer needs. You think this text is good enough? I also lowered my service price to 10 dollars. (In my country - simple website starts from 100 euros)…

keep continue i hope you will success

I think Fiverr should offer to users free impressions at the top of gig lists for newbies/

As long as it’s specific to what the buyer is asking for you should be okay I think. You don’t necessarily need to lower your price to the lowest (though your request shouldn’t really be higher priced than ordering the gig normally unless it’s different in some way, such as extras the normal gig doesn’t cover). You could try different prices with different offers. So always make it specific - don’t say you do wordpress jobs but say what you are offering for that particular request (job) eg. “I will create a wordpress site for you with x/y/z”.


Believe me - i’m offering what i can do and what they need for that particular request. E.g - if client needs transfer from one server to another in 10 dollars within 1 day - I’m offering for 5 dollars and within 2 hours and typing above mentioned text.

Also, I’m getting very low amount buyers requests - im staying online for 10-16 hours per day (refreshing requests every 10 minutes) and nothing comes… I even need to spend all day to submit 10 requests per day. Today i still have 5/10 offers left.

Just keep posting offers and you’re likely to get customers. Try adjusting the price so it’s not too low - try different prices. Also make sure your gig is the best it can be - maybe show example website images of example site’s you’ve designed (assuming you have the necessary rights - eg. the copyright doesn’t belong to anyone else).

I only can have 3 pictures in my gig - before there was only my websites photos but It didn’t looked professional. Therefore I created my current gig photo.

I’d probably add a couple of images so they have a better idea what their sites could look like. You could also add a video if you wanted to. Maybe reformat the bullet points so there’s a space after the bullets. I’d also reword a couple of sentences in the gig description.

eg. " …or theme bought any marketplace." could be changed to “…or theme bought from any marketplace”.
Maybe reword the “You could always chat me up” message too - to something like “Please contact me if you have any questions” or something like that.

Thanks! I will try that

$10 for a website looks desperate for people who take their business seriously. The only people who find it appealing are the ones that will still try to rip you off any way they can.

A simple 5 page website takes about 20+ hours to build and that’s when the buyer has ready made high quality template. It will take even more when they come to you with PSD file with a complex design.
Someone who’s willing to work less than $1 an hour is either desperate or not a good developer.

If you wish to get some quick reviews then offer a service that’s reasonable for $10 and then work your way up to full site creation. For example, offer installing SSL certificates for $10. Most decent hosting companies offer it for free, but there are plenty of customers using shitty hosting like GoDaddy :stuck_out_tongue:

Or find out what are the most common issues and offer maintenance service. But make sure you’re offering specific bugfixes and not “I will fix everything” crap.

Or pick a specific theme or plugin and offer only services related to that. Become a specialist and work in a niche.

Right now you’re competing with low quality sellers offering their YouTube knowledge for $10. Price will help you get clients, but one bad client will instantly ruin your reputation on this platform. Try to get a client who at least has some idea what your skills are worth and is willing to pay for it.

keep sending offers to buyer request and improve your request text …
thank you