Help! What should I do to get buyers?


Hello everyone! I’ve been on fiverr for a month and still, I didn’t get any job offers for my gigs!
I got a message to translate a video yesterday, the person told me to choose the amount that I want for one episode and after I told him if one dollar for one minute work he hasn’t replied.
So anyways, can I get some help please?
Thank you all!


Patience. My account was out there for quite some time and recently it took off nicely.


You get good buyers
Promote your gig regularly
Through social media networks


Maybe you aren’t writing good offers. Perhaps you can improve the content of your offers, and you might earn more sales. If you’ve been responding to buyer offers for a month, and haven’t gotten any responses, it’s probably not the buyers at fault, but rather something YOU can improve.

Good writing wins Buyer Request sales. Maybe you need to improve your writing skills.