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Help what should I do?

I’ve chat with my first buyer here and they want me to make some character design for them, after we had discuss about budget and duration I send them a custom offer (but they didn’t accept yet) then they replied that I should start working rn then send them a WIP after 12 hours before they take an order. I’ve told them I will only do a basic model of how their character will looks like but they want me to start working for them and said the time have start now(isn’t the time starts after they accept it?). I was so confused, what should I do?

In my opinion never start work until the buyer accepts your offer -

  1. if you have the best work, share with him as a sample

  2. when buyer asks for this kind of demands, he already in link with other sellers and trying to output maximum quality with lower price,

  3. and when you give your end result “which is not a good idea before offer acceptance” the buyer compare with other sellers

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Hi wintrirose, I am finding that in the current climate, clients are taking advantage. I would not entertain this, and be firm that they have to accept your custom order.

If they are unwilling, move on :woman_shrugging: You are not on retainer for the client or working through a large design firm, so you have to look out for yourself.

Good luck!

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@mezaybei and @nadiagericke thank you for your advice! I hope you guys are doing fine and stay safe during this time of the year ^^



It looks like there will not be a happy ending with this buyer anyway. I would say thank you and goodbye. There will be other buyers. But better do what your intuition tells you to do. Female intuition is usually 99% correct :slight_smile:

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