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Help! Where did my gig extras/Level 1 go?!

I’ve just had a buyer contact me to purchase a gig, he wants it “Extra fast” and luckily I checked my gig description because I found that all my gig extras have vanished but I’m still Level 1!

I tried to clear my browser cache and refresh the page but the same thing happened.

Is this related to the new 5 star rating system being implemented on my gig??

**edit – even though I reached LEVEL 1 weeks ago, and was 90% on my way to reaching LEVEL 2, it’s saying that I’m 90% on my way to reaching LEVEL 1… again. Yet when you click on my profile it says I’m Level 1… What the hell is happening?

I’ve just lost revenue due to this!

My Levels are back! :slight_smile:

Same here!

It’s disappointing because I have introduced some extra gigs to allow things to flow better and now things are back to Level 1. Really disappointing for those who have paid me for the extra gigs in the passed few days to find they no longer have to if they were to buy today.

Makes me look like a bit of a prat!

Cheers Fiverr!

Reply to @kissreviews: My level is restored now.

my flyer gig was on top(1st place) under category flyers > high rating …now its gone because i lost my levels… i worked so hard to earn that place now its all gone…poof…just like that !

Reply to @effdog:

Yes, there’s one of my gigs that vanished from the search engine. I hope it goes back to normal as soon as this gets fixed. :slight_smile:

everyone facing this, please know that our gigs has been dropped from the search or category too…:frowning:

Me too. I am a level 2 seller but just few hours ago, I see it is decreased and now level 1. Besides, one of my top performing gigs is totally disappeared from ranking and not seen at any position.

Yep… I got a reply from CS as well:

Hi there,

I apologize. It is a technical problem which should be resolved soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I hope this gets sorted out ASAP.

Me too. I submitted a ticket. I’ve been dropped a level, but most of my extras are still showing.

I’m glad it’s not just me!

Send them a message. I had the same issue with my level two just half an hour ago and it has been fixed. It’s probably a site bug.

Reply to @startselect: Thanks, I just sent a support ticket. I’m pretty miffed because I could have earned a couple of gig extras if this glitch hadn’t happened!

Lol, funny, very funny. I lost my Level 2 a few minutes ago. 100% rating, 2% cancellation ratio, only 6 negative reviews out of 6,400+ completed orders, and currently delivering 15+ orders a day.

This better be a bug! I’m contacting CS right now and waiting for their response.

Reply to @s_sayan: Grrr sorry to hear it! I sure hope it’s a stupid bug and that they attend to it ASAP. So frustrating!!!

Speaking of which, I was Level 1, 100% positive rating, 3% cancellation ratio, no negative reviews, max 2 hr response time. It’s not like I did something wrong… ~X(

I’m pretty sure it’s just a bug related to this whole new rating system. Let’s wait for CS. I hope they reply ASAP. :slight_smile:

Yeah Not sure here…I was an order away from being level 2 and now my badges are gone and I am back to level 1 90 percent?

Same here. I was level 2 , 248 positive reviews and only 1 negative. I was on page looking for something, and all sudden level just gone, with no reason at all. And with that of course all gig extras. I hope that is just a bug.

They are updating fiver page so probably that is causing a problem.

same here…was level 2 100% …1 negative…14% cancellation over 1000 orders…why is this happening fiverr???

same here, i was LEVEL & 2K+ positive, 11% cancellation ratio. lost my place on gig listing ( High rating ) :frowning: