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HELP! Will I lose 2 levels in 1 month's time?


Hey All!

Curious - I lost my Level 2 rating after a series of random, unfortunate cancellations (4 of them) It happens. All good. My questions are:

First, if I cannot get my 87% completion back up to 90% by the next ranking date (14th, I think), will I go down AGAIN ?! I just lost Level 2 this past 14th… and went down to Level 1.

Secondly, will I get them both back as quickly as I lost them if I am at 90%+ across the board in future rating audits?

Thanks for the insight.



Hello! Unfortunately a lot of us go through sucky level drops. I experienced a similar level drop, I went from Level two to a New seller very quickly due to taking too long to deliver on three orders (I offer revisions until my clients are completely satisfied so I create drafts before delivering and do revisions there instead of having them request revisions). Unfortunately if you don’t get it to 90% it will go down again :frowning: All you can do it make sure you have 90% on everything and it’ll bring you back up month by month. But don’t worry it’s easy to get it back up since you have 90%+ in the other areas! Just takes time! Good luck and don’t worry too much, a lot of people don’t really look at the level but rather at the reviews :slight_smile:


Buyer’s ordering by mistake and then asking to cancel is one of the unfortunate consequences of many people falling from level 2 clear down to new seller. It does not seem right that sellers lose their level for a reason that is completely out of their control. :confused:


Hi Gillian, can you please explain how taking longer for an order cause lever drop. i am a web designer, and website designing is also time taking process, with lots of back and forth. Few project takes quite longer, sometime twice the time they were supposed to be completed. but if customer is satisfied with the work, i don’t see why it should affect seller level.


I have already lost the level 2.just bcaz of one month review system.


Yup, me too. I had paused for a surgery, and the first thing that happened when I came back was ------you guessed it------TWO people didn’t read my advert on the gig and ordered the wrong thing. So- we had to cancel. They stripped me from a level two to a newbie. THEN- to add insult to injury, when I did get my level one badge back they sent this big congratulation email…Hum- I guess I can just pray thanks they couldn’t actually hear my profane laced response to their so-called graduation to a freaking demotion.


Long orders for me. Some orders of mine are less than10k words. I can knock those out in a day. Other jobs are over 120K words. Those take two weeks if I’m going to be able to provide the same level of care as the 10k job.


This is it. It can happen to anyone.


Unfortunately if you misinterpret the length of time needed for a project and don’t deliver on time, it affects you “delivered on time” rate. I usually don’t deliver on time due to long orders but it’s perfectly understood between me and the client that it won’t be on time due to extra work to make it perfect!


but you can always extend the delivery time, this way you wouldn’t run into late delivery issue.


Yea, I’m usually able to do that but sometimes I just don’t make it in time to do that :frowning: not often, but it happens!


yeah, i happened to me too for couple of times… and i think once its late, it will be counted as late even if customer agrees to extend the time and you deliver it before next deadline. So always try to request the extension 2-3 days ahead of delivery. so that customer has enough time to respond.


This is a good point @alyssa_18, in fact, this is what I do, I design documents and sometimes it takes a lot of time because of the revisions


I do the same! And when I requested an extension for the first time, it wasn’t approved by the deadline due date. Lessons learned :slight_smile: Just happy to hear that I can gain it back within monthly audits also. :slight_smile: