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Help with a buyer

Help with a buyer, they asked me for nude art work and I accepted it. After sending the photo (I agreed to send 5 photos when the deal was 1 because according to 1 it would not work) so as not to lose the buyer and because I need the reputation. And, nevertheless, he sends me an order to verify that it was not useful because the photos were the same (they were not the same, it is a set of photos)

I tell him that they are clearly not the same and that I do not offer revisions in any of my packages , that if you wish, you can pay more and gladly come back and take the pictures.

And I sent him an offer to do the review, which he did not accept.
He sent me an order dispute saying what:
-Don’t provide what I wanted not to be willing to work with me

Do not accept the dispute by replying that:

Clearly he knows that the error was on his part. I sent him the job, I gave him the options that were useful for him, (since the main deal consisted of 1 photo, and I accepted 5 because according to him, 1 was not going to work) because I want my clients to be happy, to obtain a good reputation in Fiverr. And I still cancel the order after receiving the job. (Work that is not easy for me, since I agree to pay $ 10 for each nude artistic photo) It is inconsiderate of you.

And he sends me a message saying.

-You can please, except my application, I’m not happy with your lack of attempts and the lack of desire to fix it, you have a good reputation. I would hate to see you blocked.

I need to know what I should do, I am willing to lose my fiverr account with the pain of my soul, although I do not have much reputation, I would not like to lose it. But I take care of the consequences.

And I would also like to know what happens with the money I have pending.

That is a red flag right there. He is threatening you. Contact customer support with as many screenshots as you can to prove your point (including that one “I would hate to see you blocked”).

For the future …don’t sell yourself short. If you usually offer 1 image…than deliver 1 image. You should always charge extra for additional work whether you are a new seller or an established seller.

What makes you think you would lose your Fiverr account?

You can politely decline the dispute. Redeliver your work with screen shots to prove to the client that everything was delivered that was agreed on. Then send the case to customer support.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Edit to add: I see you are offering modeling gigs. I am sorry to say but that might be a problem. Fiverr might take your gigs down since nude pictures isn’t something you are allowed to offer on Fiverr. Your client might be aware of this and is trying to blackmail you.