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Help with a private message please

Hi there folks. New here, can I double check on this private message please?

It reads: Hi. Are you living in UK? I am selling goods on Amazon UK. I’d like to give you the product and could you write a review and post it on amazon product page?

Wasn’t sure if it was spam - asking me to post it on their amazon product page?

Thanks in advance.



Paid reviews are strictly forbidden. Amazon sued over 1,000 Fiverr sellers because of paid reviews.

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I did sell stuffs on amazon and ebay and paid reviews are not allowed.
Maybe it was not spam but you should not accept that offer.
At the moment ebay and amazon have strict policies to handle paid reviews (and drop ship).
That seller must be a newbie asking for paid reviews now. His account will be suspended after several paid reviews for sure.

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Thanks for the help guys