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Help with a revision request please?

Hi folks can you advise how best to handle this please?

Voice over work:

I provided a couple of short free samples to check they were right for the buyer.

After placing an order with 1 revision bought he has requested an entire retake of 1 part - volume and intensity not enough.

The other 3 parts 10, 15, and 20 seconds on each re-doing (again volume and intensity)

On one part with the volume request it actually maintains a fairly consistent volume throughout.

Any help appreciated




Ahh, a case of the picky VO purchaser?

Volume is easy enough to modify without any real additional work, but intensity. Ooof, that will require retakes.

Have you clearly outlined on your gig page, FAQ, or order requirements what actually qualifies as a revision? If not, that should immediately be the next thing you do after this order.

If you have not clearly stated what a revision entails, buyers will assume a revision could mean an entire order, therefore, an entire audio file.

The buyer wanting a revision for parts that seemingly don’t need a revision may very well be a warning sign that they are looking for any way to get more free work out of you, or possibly will contest your order altogether and try to get out of paying. I hope that doesn’t turn out to be the case.


Thanks. Yes I’ve stated that a revision qualifies as a short sentence or a paragraph redone.

Hmmm. Yeah I’ll state about my revision policy in the FAQ to them. Though I have a distinct feeling…

Thanks for the info.