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Help with creative writing


We are looking for a creative writer who can follow a template. We come up with the twist, but we need someone to flesh out the scenario based on easy to follow guidelines. Any ideas on where to look on Fiverr to find someone to do this gig?


You can use the buyer request section to submit a request for what you need, the link is below. However, I would suggest that you look for sellers through the search function. You can do this a number of ways, such as searching for “creative writer” or perhaps search for the style or genre of what you are writing e.g. horror writer, romance writer. There are also a variety of filters on the left hand side of the search results. This way you will get the opportunity to see a lot more options and contact those who seem like a good fit.
Most of the top sellers on the site do not visit the buyer request section as they have enough orders so by using buyer request you are effectively cutting out the best from your list - not the way to go!
Depending on the size of the job, you may find it worthwhile to order a $5 sample from a couple of sellers and give the same instructions. The one you like best could then be given the bigger job.
Please note: Mentioning that “there could be more work if you do a good job” etc, will not get sellers jumping up and down. Every second buyer says this in the hope of getting an extra special job done! It has no real effect. You could mention that you have a bigger job and that this is a sample to see how it works.


I’d do it…hmm, maybe for $5 I could do a single scene as 1000-word “flash fiction”? If you want to work on a novel or movie script, I’m showing that as a bigger gig.