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Help With Direct Deposit!

Ok, so I had some funds available for withdrawal on my account. I had previously set up the direct deposit with payoneer and went through all of the motions, but had not yet withdrawn anything. I thought I would do a test and transfer $10 to see how the system worked. I didn’t realize it would automatically transfer all of the funds I had available for release, but whatever. Okay. Lesson learned. Then it told me I had to finish the withdrawal via email. I never received an email. And today, it says the withdrawal was completed successfully. That money is not in my bank account. What happened? Where did the money go? And how do I fix it? I am brand new to this, so any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, if you successfully made a Payoneer account, the funds will sit there.
Did you try login in in your Payoneer dashboard already?
Good luck!

Hi, I am also in the same shoes. Did you receive the funds in your Payoneer account ?

No. The funds eventually transferred into my bank account, but it took 4-5 days. What had me so confused was the lack of emails. I wasn’t getting them, but the issue has now been fixed.