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Help with first gig

Hi guys I’m just new on here, I want to find out how I can make this gig work, I am a ex head chef, and wish to work out how I can offer advertising on my recipe website. My free recipe website gets 600k hits a year, because I write a recipe column for two magazines that are read by 1.2 million people a year and my website url is in the magazines driving people to my free recipe site… so my idea is to offer people on fiverr from my first gig, to be able to put up a 100 or 200 - or 300 hundred word piece about their food related business with images on my blog. I know you can’t put up urls emails, so how would you guys suggest I go forward with this please.

Take a pic of your website (with the URL) in the image. Then people can go check out the site.

You should also take a pick of some analytics, to prove the traffic that you get.

You could also combine a few pics into a PDF and upload one of those. That way you could include a lot of information.

Other than that… that seems like a gig that might get some good buyers. Good luck!