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Help with fiverr Status

Hi! I am working on firverr for over 7 months now and it has become a good source of earning; it is always good to have a secondary source of earning. Firstly, I made this gig and sold a lot:

I did some SEO to get it noticed and it soon took off. But now, for a few weeks, since the time fiverr team as introduced new pinpoint search system, I do not know why my gig views and clicks are constantly going down. If you go to the Website Content Category, my gig rank at number 55 without selecting anything. My rating is 99% positive. If you have a look at the list, people with lesser sales and same ranking 99% (mine 70 reviews), rank better than me. Their gigs are on top of the list in comparison with my gig. I asked fiverr support team twice, but may be they were busy handling othe requests. Can someone please help me and answer these questions:

  1. While my clicks and views were going up and they didn’t need any SEO anymore, why are they going down and why even SEO tips aren’t helping? While my other gig’s clicks, views and impressions are constantly going up without any SEO.

  2. How does the fiverr ranks gigs? How is it possible that people’s gigs with lesser sales and same or lesser ranking, come on top of my gig?

    I would be really thankful if someone helps.