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Help With Getting Impressions With My Gigs

Hello Everyone,

I seem to be having trouble trying to get impressions, click and conversions on my gig.

The only time I got an order was when my friends purchased of me, but i dont want to delete my gig because i dont want to lose the rating on the gig.

I cant find myself nor my gigs on the SERP, i have tried different computer and locations, still no results. why is this?

I have tried optimising my gig time and time again, with still no results. I have used long keywords in the tag, which matches to my Title, i have also used them keywords in my description.

Its getting pretty frustrating now that I’m putting all this effort into fiverr not even getting any impressions.

I hope someone can give me few tips on how i can improve my Gig.



your gig impression will increase if you share your gigs in social site. 100% work.

share your gig on your social media and send 10 buyer request everyday try to get some order.

All the buyer request are not related to my niche, so i cant really help them out?

Active up to 15 hours on Fiverr if you can then active 24 hours. you can active 24 hours by Fiverr mobile Apps.
Share Your gig in social media.
Update your gig once or twice in every month if you do not get an order.
Active also Fiverr Forum

i have been doing this but it very targeted niche

How will be active in the forum lead to orders?

Forum is a platform to communicate with each other, in this way we know about each other’s gigs also, in that result impressions and views going up which makes the gig more value able for fiverr then fiverr starts to recommend your gig.

Now what do you think is it useful or not?:smiley:


for work on fiver i think the fiver forum is key to get up impressions and clicks and views, because there have a lot of people sharing her opinions. if you stay on fiver forum this will help you to get orders.

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right brother you explain fantastic i am thinking that how can i explain that fiver forum is key for success in fiver.
but you are phenomenal.


Thanks bro…:grinning:

mention not…:slightly_smiling_face: