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Help with gig costing more?

I ordered a gig for $5. I saw a fairly long list of extras available on the gig, but I only wanted the $5 gig. I received the request for additional information to get started, which asked what my budget was. I responded by saying I would like the $5 gig please. I received a lengthy response again asking what my budget was and quoting various prices, with the lowest being $250 all the way up to $2600.

Now, I understand certain projects require more time and such, and I’m not expecting more than was originally offered for the $5, I’m realistic in that aspect, not expecting to get more than what you pay for. But is it unreasonable for me to be a tad appalled at the price offered?

I replied again that I only had a budget of $5. In my opinion, on fiverr, you should get something for $5, and not be told that the minimum price is $250. Again, I understand that upgrades are available and I’m not asking for more than what was offered in the original listing. Am I able to cancel my order?

I’ve ordered several similar gigs in the past and this has never happened to me before. They all offered upgrades, but I was still able to get the basic minimum in the listing for the $5 as advertised.

Cancel the gig and report the Seller. Forcing Buyers to pay more than the basic $5 is against our Terms of Services here.

Let us know what happens!

Thank you!

I’m with @david388, cancel and report. Seller offers to upgrade a purchase are certainly valid, but this example is ridiculous. EVERY gig must offer something for $5 (or whatever the LISTED starting price may be in the new pricing structure Fiverr is currently testing in some gig categories). If you choose to purchase that $5 service, you should receive that exact $5 service.

Any seller that demands a higher unlisted price to start – instead of that basic $5/listed price – is breaking the rules of Fiverr.

Thanks for asking that question. I just had the same thing happen - not that extreme - but I was a little miffed. The seller sent a sample of their work and I told them what I wanted. The reply was - “It’s good work, so accept the $15 offer.” Um, I bought the $5 design! I’m happy to tip for a great design… but I don’t think they can make you pay more for what you already paid for. Very frustrated!

This has happened to me also, except that I didn’t buy anything. I asked the seller a question via Inbox and at first they confirmed that an item would be $5 + $5 for extras. As soon as I sent more information, they raised their price to $25.

What is it that you are looking for ?

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Cancel the order

If I were you, I would have canceled the order and if the buyer rejected the cancellation then I would have sent the buyer a cancellation request along with a threat to report him/her and if he/she still doesn’t accept the cancellation then reporting him/her is the only option that you do have.

Could you please tell what the gig is about?

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Reply to @scorponok:

That’s outrageous! Good for you to take advantage of the inbox to get details before purchasing.

But, playing devil’s advocate, if you wanted something that was above the $5 price tag, it is not unreasonable for a seller to want to make the gig worth the time.

That’s way I love to have communication with my potential buyers upfront to know what they want/expect so everyone is on the “happy” page. :slight_smile: