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Help with gig Requirements

hi guys, I’m writing my first Gig, and I have a question about what to write in the requirements. I’m not sure I understand what is meant with “Tell your buyer what you need to get started.” I need them to download a Pdf workbook, is that what I write here?
For this gig, I need to send them a pdf workbook. I guess it is a question on how Fiverr works. So as I understand it, the buyer pays for my gig, at which point I’m contacted?


What is the gig you plan to put up?

it’s a way for people to see in what ways they can balance their life and in what life areas (social, physical, etc) they could use some improvement

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Hope this helps to you…

If you haven’t already found out, the “requirements” are the info that the buyer needs to provide so that you can start the job. It appears that you will provide a PDF document to them so there are no “requirements” that they need to provide. If so, you can just write a short sentence asking them to proceed with their purchase.