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Help with Gig Setup - Custom Order Only

Hi there!

I have a gig set up that works much better if the potential buyer contacts me directly to discuss the order and allowing me to offer a custom price and delivery time. I am concerned that if I jack the price up, I will get fewer views because my price looks so high.

Instead, I put the price low and specified very basic and low-level details, then also put on the gig that I’d like them to contact me first. Alas, orders keep coming in on this order that are not suitable.

Is there any way to ensure that people have to contact me before placing an order?

Cheers in advance!

Unfortunately, there’s no way to make a buyer contact you before placing an order!

That would be a really nice feature, but it doesn’t exist yet. I would say just make sure that you clearly state in your gig for them to contact you before ordering.

Maybe say “Contact me before placing an order or your order will be cancelled” (but a little less harsh than that)

I hope that helps!

Thank you for such a swift reply!

It would be a good feature to have, right?? Never mind!

My gig currently says “Please contact me before ordering to outline your requirements and I will offer a custom order.” I have also just added a requirement that says unless it fits the specifications for the very basic order, they should message me first. Not sure what else to do than cancel orders that don’t comply…