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Help with gigs ordered


I simply need some help. I orders three gigs and none were done correctly but marked complete by seller. I need help in either getting a refund or having revisions are. Thank you


The order is marked as “Complete” or the seller has “Delivered” the order? These are 2 different situations.

If the order is marked as complete, you can communicate with the seller in the “INBOX” first before contacting the Support. If the seller tries to help, well and good for you, if the seller doesn’t then you should contact the support to intervene. But first, contact your seller.

If the order is in Delivered State, then you can request a modification by providing your feedback on the delivery, things you wanted to be tweaked/changed. I hope the seller will help you in this case.

2 Different Situations, Stay Calm and communicate with the seller!!

Good Luck!!


Seller can not mark order as a complete. He can deliver his work and if you don’t reply in 3 days then orders automatically marked as a complete by fiverr.

Did you request modification after he delivered his work or did you disappear and didn’t give any feedback for more than 3 days?


You can still contact seller and ask him politely to provide you revisions for the order.


@dwross, it’s a bit tricky after completion. @mariashtelle1 is correct that a seller cannot mark an order as complete. The buyer can mark it complete before the 3 day review period is up or Fiverr marks the order as complete after the 3 day period is up. You really should have checked in with the seller about any issues or revisions in the first or second day after delivery. You still have the option to ask the seller for revisions but technically the buyer should be responsible for checking the order prior to the completion day. Best of luck. :four_leaf_clover: