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Help with Google News

I need help with submitting a news site to Google News. How do you about it? I have tried many times but after submission, Google says ‘submitted’ but when I come back to the same page, it says "submit for inclusion’.There’s very little information out there about how to successfully submit your site to Google News. If you have some insights, please share.

Also, are there people offering Google News submission services?

You can’t just submit a site for automatic inclusion in Google news. Your site must have already been publishing daily news content for a minimum of 18-months. News posts must also be well written, media rich, and optimized for both search engines and human readability.

There are other requirements but those are some of the most basic.


Thanks for your input. My site passes all those basic conditions. My main trouble is with the submission process. How do you know that Google actually received your submission and they are reviewing it?

The easiest way to find an answer to all your questions is to visit the official Google News help page:

How to submit your site

To submit your site, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google News Publisher Center.
  2. Use Search Console to verify ownership of your news site.
  3. Click Request inclusion in news index .
  4. Enter your website details, including news section URLs and labels.
  5. Click Submit .

After your inclusion request is submitted, “Inclusion request submitted” displays and your site is reviewed by the Google News team within the next 1-3 weeks. Website owners can check the Publisher Center for updates on their inclusion requests.

If your website is accepted, you’ll see “Included” under News. If your site submission is rejected, you’ll see “Review complete: Site rejected.”

We cannot share specific feedback for your site regarding Google News inclusion. However, you can use the Publisher help forum to seek guidance from other publishers and you may re-apply for inclusion after 60 days.


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I have read this resource several times but to no solution. It says “Inclusion request submitted” will display once you submit. But when you come back to the page after submission the “Inclusion request submitted” disappears and it says “request for inclusion” prompting you to submit afresh. You submit again and the same thing happens. This is where I’m stuck.

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