Help with Live Portfolio


Apparently, I forgot to turn the portfolio on before I turned in someone’s order (I could have sworn I turned it on!!!). But alas, when I checked the little yellow ! sign was still there. I’ve since turned it on from that page. Does this mean the work I turned in before can’t be put in the portfolio now?


Can anyone help me out?


The work you turned in cannot be put up now. You can add it as an example (not sure if it is allowed before level 1). Also, try contacting Customer support for it.




Reply to @anzal1: I was going to contact Support about it, but there were no options for what my problem is, and so I have no idea what category to set it as.


Reply to @destini: Just try finding the best possible category for it. And write a proper message, explaining your problems. Moreover, they have an option for screen recording which is also really helpful and easy to use. Lastly, do mention that you could not find a suitable category for this problem :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Forward unto dawn, we go!

You will have to wait atleast 2-3 working days for them to reply. In the meantime, try your luck at my competition :D!