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Help with my first sale

I’m really ashamed to be writting this, but i’ve been on fiverr for almost a month by now, may sound desperate but haven’t yet got my first sale… I offer translation services of 700 words from english to spanish, I’m an Venezuelan student, and since the economy in my country pretty sucks, I’m looking for any decent income that can help my financial situation.

And I’m aware that most of the people tend to buy from featured sellers, and it’s really hard for newcomers in some areas like me so I would appreciate anyone that’s interested, please contact me.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :).

Hey man, keep your head up! My first order in Fiverr came more than 2 months after I created my first gig.

Just as forcedlogic says, you might want to observe people who made it there already. And, more so, read some articles that will keep your motivation up in the air. Articles like, improving skills and more business related stuff that may help you in the future.

More power! :slight_smile:

First off don’t be sad. Some users take months to get their first gig. It’s just a roll of the dice at times. Second I see that you only have 1 gig. Might consider selling other skills. I am not sure if Fiverr is a goto place for English to Spanish or anything like that. You might want to consider looking at other feature sellers who do what you do and seeing how their setup…DO NOT COPY…simply observe and add your own spin on things.

Also you need a video. People need to know your not some random person.

Good luck and keep at it.