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Hi Fiverr’s,

Could you please help me. Recently I keep receiving orders with misunderstandings… I have though that I’ve explained my GIG fine, but it seem’s, that I didn’t. Could you please suggest how can I explain my GIG’s so the buyer would understand correctly what is offered? How can I correct it from the buyers perspective…

All this misunderstanding are demanding a lot of time and bad consequences, such as cancellation ratio etc.

You can find my GIG here:

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Hi and welcome.

First thing I would do is, change your logo.

I’m sure it’s supposed to be “Turdi Designs”… but it looks like “Turd esigns”.

The i and D are just too hard to see.


Ok, I will do that with the logo.

About the GIG, recently I’ve had problems with buyers with the Custom eBay page GIG and the Slider GIG.

Can you revise it?

In a perfect world I would be gratefull if you’d check all my GIG’s :slight_smile:



To get you started… Ebay gig…

  1. Loose the gig photos and put up a brief video of YOU explaining exactly what you’re offering and what the Buyer gets.


    Never open a sales presentation by telling a Buyer, “If you have doubts…”.

    Never tell a Buyer, "Do not buy if you have doubts…"

    Your headline and description should remove all doubt from a Buyers thoughts and make it crystal clear to a Buyer what your gig is, how they will use it and how they will benefit from it, and urge them to buy it.

  3. The features in your description need to be reorganized and are too wordy.

  4. Employ better font styles and use of Bold or high-light. Not too much, just a little.

    Good luck! :wink:


Reply to @voiceoverwork: First comment I see today? “Turd esigns.” So…it’s gonna be THAT kind of day , is it?





It might be worth pointing out since there are many non-colloquial English speakers on the forum that “Turd” is a slang term for feces/defecation, usually long and large.

I’m will echo VoiceOverWork’s comments about buyer behavior. Especially since you’re not yet a level 1, and preferably a level 2 seller.

Where I’m going to take a different approach, …and please pardon the phrase… it’s great to polish gold, but you don’t really want to polish a TURD. (coughs)

I would suspect the ebay page gig because it’s mostly full of messages about what you don’t offer. Rather, save this gig for when you DO have levels so you can add “GIG EXTRAS” and make it a complete package.

Find a CORE gig you can promote and sell well, to get to those first 50 sales and then branch out and build an offer that makes sense and grows with gig extras.


Reply to @voiceoverwork:

I agree with you, since I’ve put the headline I didn’t sell any gig. I will remove it and clear the description this weekend and see what happens. Thanks for all the advices. I’ve made changes to the logo, and now it is visible. Please comment on the logo.


Reply to @anarchofighter:

Well the name idea came from a bird family Turdus (blackbird) and at the moment I didn’t thought that it can be associated with Feces… I hope the clean up of the logo will remove the association.

Also I’m a level 1 seller and have added some extras, still not enough, but will review all my GIG’s as @voiceoverwork suggested.

Thanks for replying,


Congratulations on level 1! That’s a crucial and amazing step


Yes, level 1 is great, I see the potential in fiver now with GIG extras.


I hate to agree with @anarchofighter but you may want to consider starting over with your username if you plan on generating sales in the United States. It reminds me when Chevrolet launched a car in the US called the NOVA… which in spanish meant “No Go”. I think it is beautiful that your username is derived from a blackbird, but to the average US buyer the word turd is INCREDIBLY negative.


I think you should lose the ‘turd’ in the name, as a lot of people will just find it funny in a childish sort of way. You are right, it is the latin name for the thrush family, ‘turdidae’ and in the dictionary, there is a word for something that is shaped like a thrush, ‘turdiform’, which is now one of my favourite words :wink: . . . but ‘turdidesigns’ reads like ‘turdy designs’, as in ‘turd like designs, or designs that resemble turds’. Don’t go there and don’t use brown in the logo. .


Omg, so if I want to go to the USA market, I need to change my name and everything basically… OMG, I’m devastated at the moment…


Pls pls pls

I need someone to review my profile and gig.

Is there anything inappropriate? Let me know pls