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Help with my gig needed


My gig didn’t sell.Buyer request is altime empty.i am so upset.what can i do at this time???


You should read this post and these tips work for you


You are offering a service, the background removal, that many other in your field are offering.
Maybe too many.

You could find some interesting inspiration looking at the offers of your competitors, finding:

  • what sells the most
  • a niche where there is less competition

Another disavantage is your time zone.

When you are online many western buyers are sleeping.
For them, the extra fast delivery is not so attractive as “selling point”.

There are few imperfections in your English, here and there.
A better headline could be, for example:

My name is Atia.
I am a photoshop professional with six years of experience.
I love my job, and I’m committed to do it right.
You can trust me.


thanks,but i go to bed late night.I could not fine buyer request at all
BR is altime empty.