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Help With My Gig(Post-Production video editing)


Hey everyone, I just joined the site and got my account and services up and running. Is there anyway on how to move up in the pages? When I’m a buyer on things I usually only go the first or second pages with ratings. So how do I go about earning a buyers’ trust? Any input whether on my questions or my gig is greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys!


Trust is earned by consistently delivering high-quality work that is worthy of positive reviews. The more positive reviews you receive, the higher your seller rating will rise. Higher-rated gigs/sellers tend to rise to the top of Fiverr’s service categories.

A great deal of work will be required, though. Becoming a trusted, and respected seller takes time. There is no fast way to move up in the rankings.


Thanks, I assume I’m just going to have to wait for someone to eventually buy my service and eventually gain more ratings. Do you have any recommendations for advertising? I put some stuff up on craigslist, YouTube and Facebook. Any other good, reliable places I can advertise my page?


You could try buyer requests and make offers against them for editing requests.

Any input whether on my questions or my gig is greatly appreciated

In the gig info video, I don’t know whether the zoom in near the end gets a little too soft/blurry (due to res) - though it may be an intentional part of it. Maybe that shot could have been shot at a high fps and slowed down in post, with a slow camera move (curved tracking shot?).


I suck at marketing, but have been told to “go where people who would want your work go”, so if you can figure that out, it may work for you.

My other recommendation on finding work is to go to the Buyer’s Request section - - and put in bids for jobs you find posted there. But please take note of 2 things:

(1) You can only do 10 bids/day, so you may want to be careful on how you use your daily quota
(2) Many “requests” are actually other Sellers trying to get Buyers. That is an incorrect use of the BRs and can get you in trouble, if you do it and are found out. Still, you have to watch out for them, so you don’t inadvertently respond to them.

Good Luck and welcome to Fiverr!


Yeah, the video I used in that was an old popular YouTube video, 07 I think? So that’s why the res isn’t very good or quality for that matter. I decided to basically make a meme out of it using some basic editing techniques.

I also tried buyer requests and it’s full of spam sellers and people who cannot speak English. I found one legitimate buyer request and that was it.


Well, as I tell many other new Fiverr sellers who ask this same question, in order to answer this effectively, you need to have a good understanding of who your target customers are. Once you know WHO these people are, then you just have to figure out where these people are located, and advertise to them there.

Target customers are different for every business – and Fiverr seller. It takes work to prepare effective marketing, but you’re not going to get too far with your business, unless you are marketing directly to the people that need your services.

Posting untargeted links on Craigslist and Facebook aren’t going to do much for your business. And you’ll want to make sure that your videos hosted on Youtube are being seen by your target customers. Commercial-themed business videos are useless, unless your customers are seeing them.