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Help with my gigs and new cover thing

I recently started and had two gigs right off. Now, I have nothing. Would someone be willing to take a look my gigs. Also, is anyone else having problem with the new cover photo thing. It will act like it has uploaded my picture and give me a drag icon. When I go to click on the icon, it disappears, and I don’t see my picture. I have tried multiple things including changing the size of the photo.

Thank you for the input. I will take a look at these things.

Hi @sheilasober, Welcome to Fiverr!

As someone who offers similar services to yours, I have a few thoughts.

  1. I’d pick Gig photos that are a bit more aesthetically attractive. The first photo, for instance, is so small that there are black bars along the edges of the image, since it’s thinner than the standard size. I’d definitely change this.

  2. Your Gig descriptions are a bit dry. Since you’re a writer, it should be easy for you to clean these up. Basically, keep in mind that your Descriptions don’t just serve to explain facts about your services to the Buyer - they’re also intended to compel visitors to purchase YOUR gig, rather than closing it and moving on to the next.

    Hope this helps!