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Help with my gigs

Hey guys,

I´m not selling anything… Could someone check my gigs to see if there´s something wrong with them?

I would really appreciate it… Thanks :slight_smile:

You asked, so I’m answering. In my opinion you should use your own designs and not use a pre-made mock up design. I mean use the mock up but put your design on it. That’s my advice. I hope I helped. Cheers

Reply to @digitalcuky: I´ll take it into account, thank you very much!

Hi @elensdlc, welcome to Fiverr! I’d definitely include some of your own work here. Furthermore, you may want to consider having a photograph of your own face on your main profile - this is likely to help Buyers better connect with you and feel more confident placing an order.

If you want to have a profile picture that highlights your graphic design skills, you can still make it work - just design an avatar of your own face, or something along those lines.

Looking forward to seeing your success here!

Thank you for your advice @david388 :slight_smile: