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Help with name gig, please


I have gig
i dont like the name (or like, dont know)
what title i must pick? i do photo art, like changing background and do some art style thing in this gig.
photomanipulation - hard word.
I just not so good knowing eng (understand perfectly but hard in formuling what i need to say)
Please, help

Or name of gig already good?


Think you need to sort out your profile description first which talks about this being a hobby that you are trying out as a business. You need to come across as professional. Suggest you check out other profiles to see how this is completed but do not copy anyone.


okay, i will delete about hobby, thanks
but what with name? its normal? i just dont really know how its call in eng, photomanipulation, or art, or photoart…


Why not check out other gigs but again do not copy anyone.


I will edit up to 3 images with Photoshop in 1 day