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HELP with online lesson

I how do I offer an online lesson?
I have a Yoga class in an hour, and I don’t know if I can send a link to a Meet a Zoom or if I have some place in Fiverr that I can do the lesson online.
I also don’t have Zoom pro, so if I start a meeting by zoom it will get disconnected at 40 minutes. What can I do? Can I use Meet that is free?
Somebody please hellppp!



I see you have just 5-minutes of read time on the Fiverr Forum.

I suggest you visit the Terms of Service and read posts in the Forum section called “Fiverr Tips” to find your answer.

Sometimes you have to do some research here.


If you want to offer a service that requires off Fiverr contact you need to get permission from Customer Support.

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And how I request that? I make an offer in the chat with my buyer, and I don’t find that kind of information.

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Here is the link:

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If you want to do zoom meetings you need to say in your gig that it will be done via zoom.

However in the interest of time though I would send a message to your buyer: ‘in order for us to complete this gig we will need to meet on zoom. Please join me in my room at X time using x link. Please note this is only so we can complete the class. All other communication must remain on fiver’

It’s important there is a message history saying it Is necessary to complete the gig in case CS review.

I’d also update your gig ASAP stating that you need to meet on zoom to do the gig.

Some categories have built in zoom functionality FYI, so there may be a more suited category for your gig.

First gig is always a bit scary, good luck!


Done it!! thanke you very muchh!!

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Thank you!! I will do a more deep reserch to know where offer the lessons, It happens all so fast hahahaha


Good idea. Research will pay off. Might be a plan to see how other yoga sellers structure their gigs too. Obviously don’t copy them word for word, but you can copy the process.

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