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hello in there someone…i never used fiverr before…i just got two musicians services…
an amazing harmonica player sent me a wave file…how do i open up the file…and listen to it and use it for my song…please advise and explain…thanks a lot…

How do i use an instrumental track someone sent me

You should be able to open up a wave file on your computer.

If you have windows you should have media player on it.


What is your operating system? currently mac os and windows both can read wave files


Depends on the software your using etc.

Have a search on Google for more information.

You’ll be able to send it as an attachment by email, just like any other file, to anybody who needs it.


You can download free software called audacity.

This will allow you to do that.

Or you can send your song and the wave file you got from the musician to a
audio editor on fiverr to put them together. Look up sound engineer or sound editor or music editor in fiverr search.


audacity will allow you to do what…i know how to send the wavefile…how do i listen to it with my track or insert it into the track or an audio engineer can do it i presume…


Just have a search for Audacity - you’ll then be able to find out what it does, how to download it etc. It’s an audio mixing program.

If you just want to play your file, Windows Media Player can do that - just double click on it, and it should open automatically.


There are some great sound engineers on fiverr who will do it for just $5.

Audacity has a learning curve. It’s not too hard though if you play around with it for an hour or two.

Audacity will let you put the two tracks together.