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Help with phone apps

Hi I am new here. I posted last night about advice. Is there any safeguards or protection for your ideas for apps and websites when you share them with a prospective developer? And how do you safely vet developers. Any help appreciated thanks.

Yes, I remember - you posted twice at least.

You will only get answers to questions that people have some idea of. Fiverr is an anonymous marketplace … Most won’t sign an NDA. If you do choose someone from here and there’re any issues, Fiverr knows where everyone lives and can be forced to produce that information with a court order.

That’s about it.

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Ok sorry I didn’t know that because I’ve only just joined on here. Really so there seems to be no protection I’m not keen on that. I don’t think that a court order will work with people in other countries I guess if they are in the same country as me yes, but not other countries. I think maybe I should learn to code and do it myself. Thanks for your input.