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Help with posting a photo of the job as a seller

Hello! I need help with posting a photo. I made my product, formalized it. Buyers have already ordered this product. When I sent it to them, there was a window with an offer to upload the same photo or video so that it could also be shown in the description product on its page, As an example of the completed work. I did it, but I still don’t see that the photos of my work would add more photos of the completed work for the customer. Please tell me what to do, Why is this so?


You only asked if you can use the image in your portfolio, it’s up to the buyer if they give permission when they accept the delivery.

It’s also possible that you need to turn on Life Portfolio.


Please tell me what life portfolio is and how to enable it? I think this may be because the dimensions of the picture that I attached to the orders were larger than the required pictures in size when you add them to the product photo. I will try to make sure of this with the next order.Is this option possible?

And yes, you do want to keep the dimensions of the ‘display’ image in mind when making a delivery.

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Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: