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Help with project

I need help with my project

I have written countless people

I need this

Google Photos

To move like this

If anyone can do this please reply with pricing


You say you’ve asked ‘countless’ about this. What was the general response/reason people have given you for why they cannot?

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This may be helpful to you:

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They’re either a military or a group of hecklers working with each other saying if we waste his time we did right.
They sent the most preposterous models ever that if I didn’t look twice at I might have done

Like pointed teeth moving spurs gears or the pointed teeth inside the sun and not on top
Or just the gears to move the pointed teeth but without the pointed teeth
One guy wrote me over 100 times
It’s unbelievable how many fake people there are

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If I could show you what they did I would

So, it’s not that people have said they can’t do it, is that they plain haven’t. How many sellers have you contacted directly? What search words have you used to find the service you want?

(I did a quick search for “short looping gif animation” and it looks like about one-in-five of the results would be able to fulfill your request at a decent price.)

You should do it for me

I don’t have the software, or I would otherwise make an offer.