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HELP with ranking - My very bad experience

Hey guys, I’ll be my brief. I hope you can help me with this. 2 months ago I was in the first results of social media design, I received on average 20 daily messages from new buyers, a daily order, 2500 impressions per day in my main gig. After almost 200 orders completed, someone apparently reported my gig as plagiarism, my gig was disabled, I contacted support and they apologized and enabled the gig. But nothing was the same after that. My daily impressions went down suddenly from 2.5k to 1.5k, days after 1k … Right now … 27 impressions per day!!!, I get one order per week, and in last 2 weeks I’ve only received 5 messages!!! They burned my account, the support says it’s unrelated (of course …!!). I have dedicated my last 15 months ONLY to Fiverr, and I don’t have any savings either. I’m kind of desperate.

What can I do? Can someone from support read this message and give me a real solution? :((

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If you haven’t had an order in a while this will likely affect your traffic and things like that.

Nothing you have said indicates Fiverr burned you. It makes sense that this happened if you understand trends in the algorithm. There are many forum posts that explain patterns that influence traffic and sales.

Focus on getting back on your feet in the algorithm instead of focusing on how Fiverr supposedly wronged you in the algorithm. It’s unfortunate that they misinterpreted you as a problematic gig but they aren’t going to give you an edge in the algorithm to compensate for any fallout from not getting sales for a while because of that.

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I think I understand the algorithm, I’ve been here a long time, and in my beginnings I read the whole forum to get knowledge, but I just went from having 20 daily messages from new buyers to receiving 5 from one day to the next (and then, 0-1), then what can I do to recover? Everything went down suddenly. Even in my first 2 weeks at fiverr I received more offers than I currently do :frowning:

Have you considered doing any of your own marketing and promotion in order to connect your services to the target customers that need them? You are responsible for your own gig success. It’s isn’t up to Fiverr to make sure you have a constantly supply of orders or incoming messages from potential buyers. You do still need to manage your business like a business, instead of expecting Fiverr to do all of that for you.

It is also worth noting that Fiverr gigs a short-term artificial advantage to new sellers/gigs, to help them get started in managing their gigs. That advantage is not permanent, and will fall off after some time. Fiverr wants sellers who are willing to take the initiative to build their own businesses. Those who do take initiative, and manage their gigs like a business are usually the sellers that become successful veteran sellers down the line.

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The best thing is you should promote your gigs on social media and derive some sales from there somehow.

This will 101% boost up your rankings. Even if takes you to invest a little, please do. And yeah from now onwards avoid relying on a single platform for all your earnings.

Some lessons are learned hard way, but if you seriously consider their outcomes and work on them, you will be a success soon :slight_smile:

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Hey, I read your post regarding your unfortunate experience. Have you made any changes to your gig after it was again enabled by fiverr support??? I recommend that you do some research on your gig and make some changes to it by studying the current situation of the market. I am sure that you will be on track again soon. Just be positive.

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Sellers need to get away from the idea that something must be wrong with Fiverr if they routinely got a lot of orders before and now they don’t. If they think that was they clearly don’t understand how algorithms work and why companies program them to behave in a certain way.

And as you say, the algorithm is set to give new sellers exposure in the beginning. For some sellers maybe that perpetuates sales, something more sustainable because they are right for their audience at that particular time. But it no way means that is going to happen for everyone or that any seller is entitled to it.

If your account is disabled for a while that can affect you in a number of ways. But does that mean Fiverrr is going to change their algorithm to help one client, which is what would have to happen to help this seller get what she wants? Certainly not. You can’t override an algorithm and it would be a legal nightmare for Fiverr to try it, anyway.

No business grew and became sustainable by assuming victimhood in advertising or ranking.

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No it won’t boost your rankings at all, let alone “101%”. Don’t make things up.

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I wonder you have any way to prove my statement wrong?

That is like saying the earth is flat and then when someone calls you on it you say, well prove the earth is round. It’s irrational and unethical debate.

The rules of logic dictate that the burden is on you is to prove your statement right. Don’t make claims you can’t substantiate (from reliable sources).

It also makes no technical or business sense at all why this would happen as you claim. Fiverr would never run their business that way.

Your statement is also problematic because it is going to encourage even more Fiverr sellers to spam on Twitter. Posting your gig link repeatedly on social media is not marketing and will not get you traffic, engagements or sales.

Well said. I totally agree with you. posting your gig links on social media won’t help sellers in making their sales on fiverr. You may get some views on your gig temporarily but that would be of no use.

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First thing first, I am not anywhere mentioning to spam the social sites or post links repeatedly. What I basically meant was to derive some custom sales for that particular gig.

That is up to your marketing strategies. I have often derived customers from social sites to fiverr and many sellers do that.

Rest its purely your choice that you want to consider someone’s advice or not. As the author has made the post, it become quite natural that he is asking for advice from fellow members. No both here has made fiverr algorithm so all the answers related to gig SEO and deriving sales are based on everyone’s personal experience.


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Thanks. To clarify I didn’t say that posting on social won’t get you sales. It can, but exclusively posting it over and over again won’t. That’s what a lot of Fiverr sellers do on Twitter. They open a Twitter account and just Tweet their gig URL over and over and over again without doing anything else, plus they reply to threads and Tweet mention people their gig links. Spam.

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Then don’t say posting your gig on social media will “101% increase your rankings.”

In this reply you are suggesting you were giving suggestions, but you actually made a concrete and incorrect claim with zero evidence.

I never said you were advising people to spam. I said what you wrote may inspire people to spam.

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Last reply from my side, The only reason behind me making that claim is that when he will get some custom sales, it is quite natural that his rankings will go up.

I had experienced it quite many a times as I often go out of office and than come back after 1-2 months.

That may happen but it is illogical to assume why that happened and irresponsible to perpetuate that as fact.

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We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

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